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Crazy Old Scientist Says Aliens Exist and They Come from a Stupid Planet Called ‘Quintumnia’

Dr Boyd Crazy old Dr, Boyd with his baby alien doll. Image courtesy Youtube

Dr Boyd Bushman knows where the Aliens are.

They are on a planet called Quintumnia.

Watch the video below:

God damn that’s a shitty name Boyd!

And here we are thinking that the stupidest shit you could ever name something has already been done by attention seeking celebrity Jerks right here on Earth, naming their kids shit like Apple and Blanket.

Imagine that, flying all the fucking way across the Universe arriving to this perfect blue little majestic place in the galaxy, getting out of your craft and then projecting a thought into the earthlings head that says “Hi Bob, we are aliens from the planet Quintumnia, what is your planet called?” and the Earth creature replies back to you ‘Earth’ wouldn’t you be seriously pissed?

You’ve come 64,000 light years and Humans, the dumbest species of sentient beings in the Universe have a much cooler named Planet than yours.

Area 51, Alien spirits, Phoenix Lights, Polaroid images of Earth from an Alien craft and random shit stuck to a cardboard cut out as if its a science project, it’s all too much man.

Boyd’s buddies from Quintumnia were spotted out and about posing at various different toy stores and Kmart. When approached they did not say anything prompting people to suspect they were too stupid to understand telepathy.

See below image and video of the Quintumnians disguised as toys almost exactly like that scene in E.T.

Alien from Kmart Boyd’s alien mistaken for a toy. (Image: spikedmilks bucket)

Billy or whatever your name is, you look like a sweet old man and we sincerely hope you Rest in Peace, we don’t need the bad juju on this one.

Peace out Doc.

P.S. How long do you think it will take before the image experts and Photoshop pro’s begins debunking the pictures of Earth taken from the craft that the camera man didn’t think to zoom in on? Please comment below.



  1. Do you work for area 51?

  2. Um, I’m from Quintumnia. You say not nice things about my friend Boyd. I’m sad.

  3. when people do not understand, they tend to talk shit like the writer in this article, just think that one day you will get old and die retard. Mr. Boyd rest in peace and he was a scientist with 40 years of experience in science field and you my dear ignorant writer have such a boring life shame on you. go back to school if you can qualify or afford and learn something useful for your retard life..

  4. To the author of this article , you SUCK at writing…

  5. How did I come to this shitposting of a site? Damn it. The internet has enough bullshit pseudo-writers on Reddit. We don’t need more!

    OP, quit your day job and kill yourself.

  6. Whom shall I believe a scientist with a sharp mind or a delusional narcissist?

  7. I guess you guys are just disappointed seeing that alien “body” is just a toy in Kmart store. Or, as we say back home: He/she looked stupid in the presence of his/her mates.
    Cudos to the author! And a small suggestion: prepare another bucket with cold water for believers, somehow I think this is just a beginning.

  8. haha great and funny article. Believers, if you dont want to see the truth, then dont read this kind of articles. Keep going with the good job.


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