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Crashed Malaysia Flight MH17 – Coincidence or Illuminati?

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Russian Separatists inspect the crash scene (Image: apexchange.com)

We are sad to report that a Malaysian Airlines flight has been apparently shot down above one of the disputed Ukrainian and Russian territories.

Our sincere thoughts go out to the families affected.

Currently the news coming out of Europe is that Russian separatists have shot the airliner down. It is not clear at this stage whether the apparent attack was intentional or not or if it even happened.

Always question everything folks.

Those questions that need to be answered?

Was the plane really shot down? Because currently the evidence is lacking and both sides of the disputed area are pointing the finger at one another and with no real evidence to show of any rockets or missiles being fired. The question lingers….and as usual, no one in the mainstream media has even considered the very real threat of aliens.

No rockets, no missiles – think about it! LASERS!

If the Russians shot it down like the mainstream media is suggesting, what is the purpose or was it an accident?

The fact remains that the previous Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has never been found.

Some are calling this a sad and bizarre coincidence.

Not truthers. We know something is array.

A wicked game is at play.

The real question we are wondering, are sheeple really that gullible? To believe that this is some sort of bizarre coincidence… c’mon.

There is something sinister going on.

Website illuminatiwatcher.com reports, more than likely this crash has something to do with the illuminati and likely aliens. The flight was after all a Boeing 777. With 7 being a favoured number of the illuminati elite such as Alistair Crowley, The Queen and notorious reptilian infidel Barack Obama.

We did some serious investigation online these last few minutes and have found a litany of exceptional citizen reporting.

Mostly it is coming out of truther web forum Above Top Secret and a very highly informative subreddit just take a look at some of the posts below. The ‘7’ signs are truly starting to creep us out here at The Lizard People and so is the talk of 20 pound pigeon/chickens.







Discussion 1

Discussion 2

Below is the video that several citizen journalists made reference to above.
A truly weird and creeped out video for sure. The fact that she talks about numbers, magic and she expresses the fact that the IMF wants to see “7 strong years” is just plain weird and bizarre, who the hell are they to want to see an improved world economy, those filthy bastards!

Stay tuned folks, this one is going to get seriously weird and creepy. We would not be surprised if an all out alien battle breaks out.

UPDATE: 19th July 2014

GlobalNews.ca is reporting that the bodies of those on flight MH17 were ‘dead, drained of blood and decomposed days before the crash.’ For this to have happened all of the victims families must have been drugged or put into some kind of psychological trance keeping them from remembering that their family members were gone days before their flight and coincidentally, where did the plane take off from? Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is famous for its legal use of marijuana and magic mushrooms.

More than likely the families of the victims in Holland were all doped up on weed by secret Dutch psyop agents working for ‘the powers that and be’ then brainwashed them into believing their family members had departed four months later than the real real time and date they had actually left.

It is still unknown at this stage why family members of the victims not in Holland are also experiencing the exact same psychological effects, so far the theory is that a mass collective resonance of brain frequencies has happened, somehow.

Lets also consider the fact that this plane was loaded with attendees headed for a major AIDS conference in Melbourne, Australia…. for all we know the cure for AIDS was on that plane and big pharma stepped up to the plate to squash the rebellious competition.

Could this have been the same plane? Of course it could have.


If you’re not already trembling in your boots, you should be!

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