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Illuminati Symbolism Coming to a Wall near YOU!

Graffitti One
Illuminati Symbols captured in street heart, truly horrific

The illuminati is now targeting street youth and urban culture with their campaigns for world domination. We think.

The Lizard People were recently contacted by a concerned street hipster from New York city who took the above photo on his way to have his beard shampooed, of what can only be described as all seeing eye graffiti.

The trend setting hipster told us “I’m usually cool with grafitti, not illuminati graffiti, it gives off a kind of weird vibe and I just want everybody to know that this is not what New York City street culture is all about, i’ll probably end up moving if this continues”.

In compiling this report we found many examples of illuminati like symbolism on the walls of various urban hot spots:

Death Skeleton
Death skeleton, the illuminati love death

Pyramid shape
More all seeing eyes, notice the subtle pyramid shape on the left hand side

Illuminati Wall Eyes
More all seeing eyes, they are truly obsessed, it’s disgusting

It’s not all doom gloom however. The truth movement is fighting back with their own urban tactical graffiti strategy. Below we found this one symbolic stop sign.

Stop Sign

The Illuminati are probably stepping up their game plan for complete world domination and have more than likely built strong ties to street youths whom they are targeting with endless supplies of money in order to spread their demonic message.

They must be paying them handsomely, because of all the people we questioned, none would talk.


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