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Crystals, Rocks and Stones Are Trying To Tell Us Something?

Crystal Communicating
Intuitive Healer Communicates with Rocks, Says We All Need to ‘Chill Out’

Thomas Luxembourg of Vancouver Canada says that not only can he communicate with crystals, rocks and stones but that they are trying to tell us something.

We interviewed Thomas, he had this to say:

The Lizard People (TLP): Hi Thomas, welcome. So what can you tell us about your psychic stone communication powers?

Thomas: My pleasure. Well first off it’s not really unique to me, anyone can do it. The problem is that most people don’t open themselves up to intuition enough. Most people have not been taught how to do it because governments and institutions don’t want to acknowledge our true potential.

TLP: Like indigo children?

Thomas: Yes, kind of like that, only indigo children are more special.

TLP: Can you tell us when you first realized you could communicate with stones.

Thomas: Well I have always felt I had a sacred connection to the Earth. When I was around 7 or 8 I was one of the only kids on the block that didn’t like to play with marbles. When my mother asked me why I simply said ‘they don’t like it’ she passed it off as my imagination but it turns out I was really feeling what they felt.

TLP: Wow, that’s amazing. So you could actually feel the marbles emotions?

Thomas: Yeah, I just kind of felt sad and didn’t realize until I was older that I was feeling the marbles anxiety about being used and abused.

TLP: Woah, that’s a super powerful experience. Fast forward to today, what can you tell us about what you’re working on now days?

Thomas: So my regular day to day activities usually involve clients coming in with all sorts of issues from emotional to psychological and even medical, we will usually work on aligning their chakra’s and re-balancing their energy after which we’ll usually prescribe the client a specific crystal to work with over the course of a few weeks to a few months.

Some clients get emotionally attached to their crystals, it’s actually a real problem for us because we can’t just give them away.

TLP: You mean there are different crystals for different ailments?

Thomas: That’s right. Some crystals have the power to ground the energy and initiate a kind of harmonic balancing of someones emotions while others can energize and even increase libido.

TLP: Haha, viagra crystal therapy.

Thomas: Yeah, we get that a lot haha.

TLP: So what advice can you give our readers?

Thomas: I suppose the overall thing we can learn from rocks, stones and crystals is to just chill out and relax. They themselves are great at it and I think it’s something we can learn from their species. People are so involved in the trials and tribulations of life, we are constantly bombarded by information, we just need to relax.

Many human problems and medical conditions arise because of stress. Stress is something we should all avoid.

TLP: So what do you do when you’re driving to work in peak hour traffic and you’re getting anxiety?

Thomas: It’s all about planning. If you know the drive to work stresses you out then consult with your crystal, sit down drink some chai, relax and what you’ll probably find is that a solution will arise and the next day you’ll just feel it would be better to ride a bike or find a job closer to home.

TLP: It almost seems too good to be true. What about in a general sense. How do we bring about that overall sense of stress free balance and harmony?

Thomas: Just be still, be like a rock. Assimilate the rock.

TLP: Like meditation?

Thomas: Kind of like that, yes.

TLP: Well its been truly enlightening to have you stop by Thomas, thank you.

Thomas: Thanks for having me :)

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