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Jason Mraz Knows What Causes Autism

Jason Mraz
Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz (Image: popmatters.com)

Popular singer-songwriter Jason Mraz has taken to Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) where users are allowed to ask important or interesting people such as celebrities a variety of different questions and receive a written response.

Jason Mraz was asked by Reddit user verytiti

“What is your favourite guilty pleasure activity? And I basically listen to your music before bed every single night! Thanks for doing the AMA.”

Jason responded by saying:

“Up until a few weeks ago, movie popcorn was my biggest guilty pleasure. I would binge eat. But then I found out movie popcorn is made from GMO corn. More than 80% of the corn grown in the US is Genetically Modified Corn. It is modified to have a pesticide IN the corn, so when bugs try to eat it, their stomach explodes. Well, the same happens inside human stomachs. Tiny ruptures cause guts to leak. And leaky guts create gastro-intestinal problems and inflammation. All illnesses come from inflammation. These GMO foods and intestinal tears are also directly linked to food allergy. We develop allergies to foods because our guts have leaked bile into the body and body says, okay, no more of that. Have you noticed a rise in food allergies in your community? Of course you have. We all need to vote NO on GMOS and demand proper GMO labeling. Otherwise we will keep eating poison. GMO’s can also be linked to the rise in autism cases. If an infant drinks GMO soy baby formula, odds are that child will have MANY food allergies and possibly develop autism. YIKES! Say no to GMOs!!!!!”

You can see the full Q&A here

Jason is a true info warrior because as all of us educated people know GMO’s are bad and of course Jason Mraz is right when he says that all known human illnesses come from inflammation. Well done Jason, you are a true hero!

Although we at TheLizardPeople.com realize just how powerful Jasons information power nuke is on the minds of sleeping unaware sheeple everywhere, for some unknown reason many of Reddits users don’t feel the same way. Here’s what some of them have to say:

zappa: “wow, what a fucking moron.”

ghostofpennwast: “Idiot. And autism? Seriously? Go join Jenny Mccarthy.”

bigrustledjimmies: “You are a dumbass”

badasspiggy: “That’s one of the most retarded things I’ve ever read. No offense, but stick to just music from now on.”

These user posts are more than likely highly paid for secret government web troll hackers being controlled by black op’s government agents. There is no way this many random online users think Jason Mraz is ‘retard’.

Please share this everyone, get the information out there and help support Jason Mraz for telling the truth!

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