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YouTube User Re-Grows Body Parts, Just like Reptile

Filthy Shape shifting Reptoid Caught Sun Bathing

SHOCKING: YouTube user “Moto Pupu” has uploaded a video of itself re-growing a damaged fingernail exactly like a reptile. See the disgusting video for yourself below. WARNING, some viewers may require medical attention.

This evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt that the Reptilian agenda as revealed by world renowned academics in popular online web forums has not only begun but is tearing across continents like a wild fire aided by the power elite’s technocratic agenda for world domination.

Who is commandeering who, is the real question. Reptilians or the New World Order? It’s anyone’s guess and some say they are one and the same.

Scientists from the Reptoid Bio Regeneration Lab were busted earlier this week at a Bio Tech AKA Death conference when they were caught red handed discussing secret genetic human reptile mutation projects by brave TheLizardPeople.com reporters.

An excerpt of the discussion is below.

Engineer #1: the best way to get optimal effects in the mash mixture is to use some type of dairy and protein mixture first so that it melts nicely

Engineer #2: salted or unsalted?

Engineer #1: salted of course

Engineer #2: and when do you add the cold dairy protein and mix?

Engineer #1: before or after, doesn’t really matter, I prefer after myself, so long as you mix it up nice and get a good creamy consistency.

As you can see from the disgusting excerpt above the two technocratic worshiping scum were obviously talking about extracted human stem cells from salted mixture’s of human bone marrow being blended together with that of a cold blooded reptile parts for some sort of human testing program.

Their discussion was so “cold and precise” one Lizard People reporter said that “they could have easily been conversing about mashed potatoes”.


TheLizardPeople.com reporters eventually uncovered many thousands of similar cases to the one above shot in the YouTube video. Similar cases include human hair regenerating up to 6 inches per year, baby’s eye color changing and even tooth regeneration between the ages of 4 and 13.

We thank our reporters for their brave and tireless efforts.

You are the Dissonance!

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