Is Donald Trump Proof That Aliens Walk Amongst Us?

Donald Alien?

Photo Source The main reason that sheeple of this world give for refusing to accept the existence of extraterrestrials is a complete lack of proof. Such ignorance is trying, to say the least, especially given the evidence that is staring them in the face: Area 51, Russian ‘meteors’ mysteriously shot ...

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The Real Truthers Behind The Mars Rover Photos!

Facehugger Alien

This is our first post since November 26th, 2014 and many of you have been asking… “Where the freaking hell have these guys gone?” Well, we are now able to answer that question. We just hope you are sitting down. Remember that UFO sighting over the Statue of Liberty in ...

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Homeopaths Heal World With Magical Toilet Potion


Magic potion goes in here Wizards (not the cool kind) disguised as homeopaths have recently declared the world as healed. Methods used? Leuticum (Or Syph) potion of course. Made from the dust of pixie wings and unicorn horns flushed straight down the toilet bowel. Alternatively, sprinkled into the ocean. TLP ...

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Santa Claus Caught Spraying Deadly Chemtrails

Santa Caught

Chemtrails and magical elf powder caught spewing from the sleigh Jerry Blacksheep a resident of New Zealand says he was going about his business, sheering his sheep when he noticed something odd in the sky.It was something Jerry had seen many times before. Always around the same time of year. ...

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