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BOMBSHELL EVIDENCE: Malaysia MH17 Attacked by UFO

Attacked by UFO
TLP artists rendition of what happened, more than likely

Bombshell new evidence has revealed that ill fated Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 broke up mid air after being hit and punctured by a large number of ‘high-energy objects’.

Despite the mainstream dinosaur media claiming it was Russian separatists we here at TLP remained unfazed and were one of the only alternative media sources to question the Alien agenda in a July 18 article.

The new evidence points undoubtedly to the use of advanced alien laser weaponry. Using the term ‘high-energy objects’ is just another way to say LASER WEAPONS but of course the Teleprompter reading mainstream media wont tell you this because they are in cahoots with world alien run secret world governments.

We already know that the United States and Israel own Tactical High-Energy Laser weapons, if we can create such weapons of destructions, can you imagine what advanced alien civilisations are stock holding?

But why would ET want to shoot down an airliner?

Think about it!

If the aliens are working with the US government and the US government along with the EU wanted to separate the Ukraine from Russia, what better way to do it then to ask their ET butt buddies to drop the airliner from the sky’s and blame it on the Russians.


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