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Google Openly Declares Earth as ‘Playground’ for Aliens

Google Aliens
Google Doodle July 9, 2014 – World Cup 2014 #59

Google’s July 9 World Cup Doodle seems fun and friendly at first with “aliens” watching from “above”, but thats only to the untrained eyes of regular citizens who prefer to mill around going to their “jobs” and never questioning the seemingly mundane symbols of day to day life, or at least not questioning deep enough.

Is that really a fun Google Doodle or is it an ominous image of something truly sinister?

One only has to use Google’s product the humble secret spy mechanism AKA search engine to uncover how evil and connected to outer worldly powers Google truly is.

For example as mentioned above, the first sign of Google’s evilness is when you type the phrase “Who was Google funded by?” into it’s search engine you will be prompted before even finishing your search and hitting the search button to change the word ‘funded’ to ‘founded’ by Google’s live spell check, even though the word was not spelt incorrectly.

After completing your search you will be prompted yet again by Google’s own search engine feature called “Did you mean:” to search for something slightly less questionable…

Did you mean: who was google founded by?

Hmm, what on Earth could Google possibly be hiding?

Could it be the fact that Google was bankrolled by the CIA, as documented by many highly legitimate online sources and that the CIA were in fact enrolled from the very beginning to act as ET’s local news outpost and communications hub here on Earth!

Of course not! How dare we question mighty Google…



Google is an evil empire that has been controlled by alien overlords and has been spying on you ever since the very beginning? And what is their Alien motive you ask?

Well what else… is it not blindly obvious as this image tells us, they want to use Earth as a playground, or better yet…a HUNTING GROUND.

We warned you here first folks.

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