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Man Has ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence of Area 51 Alien Autopsy


UFO researcher Tom Carey says he has ‘smoking gun’ evidence that insect like aliens were operated on in Roswell New Mexico.

Carey says the images were sent to him by a high powered woman who has a pilots license from Midland, Texas and that camera maker Kodak has authenticated his photograph as being dated from the year of the crash incident.

The only problem is that Carey hasn’t revealed his smoking gun evidence and it doesn’t help that he also makes his money from writing books about Roswell and Area 51.

That old chestnut! The old bait and switch.

Tell people you have something you don’t have then when they come looking you sell them something else.

You can read the original story here or read a far better analysis here.

At least he is doing better than this guy who showed you images of toys you can buy at K-Mart and then told you it was aliens.

Or this other guy who told you there are 100,000 Bigfoot in North America but he can’t show you any.

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