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UFO Disguised as Commercial Airliner

UFO disguised as plane shot above Qutb Minar in Delhi

Amazing footage has been taken by a local resident of Delhi, India of what looks to be any normal Airplane.

But is it….?

29 year old Delhi resident Murgh Makhani, says he took the image when photographing the Qutb Minar but later realized what he had captured was likely an un-identified flying object (UFO).

TLP staffer and resident nerdlinger, Oskar Wheeler used highly specialized image enhancing and enlargement technology found for free online to essentially confirm what Mr Makhani had claimed.

See the enhanced image below:

Enchanced Airliner
Enhanced image of UFO captured above Delhi

As you can see from the image, what appears to be a common airliner is in fact unidentified.

No obvious markings on the plane make it unidentifiable to the human eye, and this is what one UFO investigator had to say:

“the lack of any identifiable logo, banner or alpha-numeric’s make this a highly credible image. It’s actually pretty scary considering we have no clue what type of alien civilization is flying that piece of technology and they could be hostile” said amateur UFO investigator Burt Truffle, adding “their technology is far superior to anything we have on Earth, if they can make their ship shape shift into a plane, what else can it do? Can it disguise itself as a tank or even a New York City yellow cab?”

Burt says he fears for the safety of all Americans and people of the world and recommends a simple 3 point checklist when confirming if any moving vehicle or man made machine is of extra terrestrial origins.

“first you identify with obvious markers like logo’s, words and colors, next you would use a highly specialized method of identification using your other senses like smell, taste or touch, so for example say you are in a cab and you think it could be an alien scout ship you could smell the seat which is not so obvious at first. Because most cabs smell of aged leather, peoples asses and McDonald’s so its unlikely that aliens would have the expertise to replicate those smells, if it doesn’t smell like a cab seat should smell and instead smells really clean then you know its probably not from this Earth and last but not least use social media. If your walking down the street and you see something flying above but don’t know if its man made or not simply take a snap, upload it to Facebook or Twitter and ask ‘what is this?’ I don’t recommend you use Snapchat though for obvious reasons “

What do you think this is? Aliens, Government spy drone, transformer or time traveler?

Please comment below and don’t forget to share Burt’s simple 3 point checklist for confirming if something is of man made human origin or not:

1- Check for obvious markers

2- Use your sense of smell taste and touch to make further confirmation

3- Ask the Internet, but not Snapchat

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