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We look at the mysterious and beautiful creatures on earth with proof whether they exist or not backed by photos and videos evidence to shame these idiots.

100,000 Bigfoot in North America Says Bigfootology Researcher


Bigfoot strolls through the park looking for left over BBQ You’ve all heard of Bigfoot but what you haven’t heard of is Bigfootology the science behind Bigfoot and guess what else? Bigfootologist’s reckon there are 100,000 of the Chewbacca looking things in North America… …pfffft-yeah right! Bigfootology is the apparent ...

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Sinister Plan Reveals Real-Life Sheeple


Coming to a restaurant near you Up until now, it’s likely that you thought the term “sheeple” was just an amusing catch-all phrase for the uninitiated who play by the illuminati’s rules and go through life without questioning any of the “normal” things that happen to them on a daily ...

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