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Top Secrets of the world governments including projects and agencies they hide from us, as well as FEMA government conspiracy to hidden secret bunkers.

The Cocaine Conspiracy of 1929

Cocaine Cure

The Government and BIG pharma don’t want you or your children enjoying the benefits of Cocaine. Cocaine is great and the Government know’s it! Users of the plant have long reported that it’s great for concentration, energy, bodily aches and pains, an overall feeling of well being and as most ...

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ISIS Has Been Completely Fabricated By Hipsters

Bitcoin Machine

Hipsters. The true enemy. Just look at his evil calculating eyes If you’re like most regular informed readers of this great website of ours you no doubt understand the undeniable scientific fact that the Earth would be a better place without trendy smug hipsters. We can all agree that no ...

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KILLER PEANUTS: The Secret Government Agenda

Killer Peanuts

WARNING: Peanuts Kill and It’s Everywhere! Many people are abundantly aware of how deadly peanuts can be with several people being killed by peanut induced anaphylaxis each year. The mainstream media has beaten the drum of fear loudly and repeatedly induced horror movie like paralysis in people all over the ...

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