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New World Order Struggling for World Order

NWO StrugglingNWO Struggling?

The official reports are in folks.

No one cares about the New World Order and it is struggling to warp the minds of young people all over the planet.

Sam Kasper a global political expert and man with a solid mustache told TLP that after extensive research over the last 100 years of history ‘it is clear, they (the NWO) are kind of struggling’.

Mr Kasper went on to point out that certain world events like World War 1, followed by World War 2, the Vietnam war, the Congo war, the many Russian civil wars and conflicts they have had with their neighbours, as well as all of the wars in Afghanistan and of course the recent turd fights in Gaza and the Ukraine show clearly the NWO are ‘not doing as well as the Internet is making out’.

‘Kim Jong-Un, is doing a much better job in the race for world domination and world order.

Recent polls show he is still leading in his home town of North Korea where he routinely uses tactics straight out of the CIA psyop playbook but that his popularity overseas is also growing with fans such as South Park and Dennis Rodman’.

Below is a list of popular organizations and stuff the NWO has to deal with in order to gain control of ‘World Order’.

  • Jihadi warriors wanting to take over the world
  • Russians
  • North Koreans
  • 1.3 billion Chinese people
  • 1.2 billion Indian people
  • Internet cats and web trolls
  • All cute animals in general
  • Babies
  • Rebel teenagers
  • Cool music bands

‘Although the list is quite extensive, if they just put their heads down and their bums up. they could potentially hit realistic targets in the first quarter of this century which would mean satisfying some investors such as Her Majesty the Queen and The Annunaki.’

TLP did a quick freestyle Vox Pop outside our office’s today. We asked 3 sets of very different people a couple of questions about the NWO, see what they had to say below:

Young skater dude in his teens

Have you ever heard of the New World Order?
F*ck off bro.
The NWO?
The NWO can suck my balls bro! You too!

30 year old office worker guy

Have you ever heard of the New World Order?
What are you serious? I was around back when they first started in the WCW, back before all that WWF stuff. Man those guys rule, they made wrestling cool again.
OK. Have you ever heard of the NWO, like the real NWO, the ones that want to take over planet Earth and rule supreme for ever and ever and ever?
Ughhh… can I Google it?

Old lady

Hi ma’am have you ever heard of the New World Order?
The wah ha?
The-New-World-Order ma’am!
Oh…! Is that the one with the guy on that show? I remember him. My niece Nancy once dated a Jewish guy that looked kind of like him. He was a Jew though, you know, with the tiny hat…

Over and out…

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