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These 10 Animals Are Illuminati

TLP news reporter Becks Jones has compiled an investigative photo imaging news report on a very disturbing trend we witness too these last few years.

Secret Society Pets

The following images reveal pets and animals (Perhaps even insects?) aligned with secret societies such as the Illuminati, Freemasons and Crossfit.

1. Sabatic Goat Chihuahua

Sabbatic Goat Dog

Chihuahua’s have always been evil ankle biting scum! Little did we know that they engage in satanic rituals and are assimilating sabatic demon goats.

2. Freemason Dog

Free Mason Dog

The next time you see a dog poking it’s head through a fence you should consider if that is all the dog is doing…or if it is potentially trying to signal its loyalty to the Freemason’s.

3. Illuminati Cat

Illuminati Cat

Perfectly shaped Illuminati triangle ears? Don’t be so gullible.

4. American Football Illuminati Dog

Obama Football Dog

What does the NFL, Barack Obama and a dog have in common? That’s right an allegiance to the Illuminati and the NWO.

5. Flying BlackMagic Dog Attack

Military Dog Attack

This German Shepherd is attacking a soldier with what can only be described as black magic powers flight powers. Obviously it has done many despicable things in order to be awarded demonic powers from the elite.

6. Illuminati Bees

illuminati bees bieber

Bees caught forming hives shaped exactly like Justin Biebers perfectly formed hexagon head. Bieber is Illuminati! By the way, did you notice this phtot looks like Miley Cyrus? Now if you tell me neither of them has anything to do with these illuminatus clans, then please…no really…just piss off!

7. Symbolic Leg Separation Cat

Cat Leg Triangle

This cat seems like it’s relaxing. Look a little closer and you can see this highly intelligent creature has just been reading the newspaper and is now openly communicating with its Bilderberg Illuminati scum feline cohorts.

8. KKK Seagull

KKK Seagull

The word Seagull has six letters, half of six is three. KKK is three letters. This seagull is KKK. Also they look the same.

9. Secret Service Dog

Secret Service

This badge seems like a regular K9 unit badge, but lets compare it to this secret service badge for a moment. Both are star shaped and both have circles at the end of each vertex. Why would they hide the fact that this dog works for the secret service? Well duh! Its Illuminati!

10. Shape shifting CIA Dog


This dog was caught in the act. Likely a reptilian agent of doom. Notice the glasses and military scarf look eerily similar…

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