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We look at the best mysteries around the world both solved and unsolved from the top news, books and novels to show you how much fun we can have.

Santa Claus Caught Spraying Deadly Chemtrails

Santa Caught

Chemtrails and magical elf powder caught spewing from the sleigh Jerry Blacksheep a resident of New Zealand says he was going about his business, sheering his sheep when he noticed something odd in the sky.It was something Jerry had seen many times before. Always around the same time of year. ...

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Another BP Employee Dies after Blowing Whistle


BP likely assassinates another staff member for blowing whistle A 64 year old B.P. whistle blower has died today. Police say they are confident he died of a ‘heart attack’ saying he was obese and unhealthy looking. Denny Tyler long time conspiracy theorist and Reddit user explains that the secret ...

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2015 Crisis Actors Guild Award Nominations Revealed

Award Still

Very Official Guild Award Press GIF Image Next years Crisis Actors Guild Awards nominations have finally been revealed. With the ceremony taking place in April 2015 the guild has just revealed the following category nominees. Best Grieving Female Naomi Waterhouse for her US radio interview regarding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 ...

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Who Put the White Flags on the Brooklyn Bridge?

White Flag

Mysterious white flag on Brooklyn Bridge The story of the mysterious white flags has got The Internet all fired up. The most likely culprits, in order from most likely to least likely: CIA psyop to distract Americans while they pour cancer viruses into the drinking water and loot bank accounts ...

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