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2015 Crisis Actors Guild Award Nominations Revealed

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Next years Crisis Actors Guild Awards nominations have finally been revealed.

With the ceremony taking place in April 2015 the guild has just revealed the following category nominees.

Best Grieving Female

  • Naomi Waterhouse for her US radio interview regarding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappearance.
  • Eva DeGraaf for her performance on Dutch News programs about the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shoot-down.
  • Soha Kaled for her Palestinian hospital bed scene in the Israel Palestine Gaza conflict following her ‘sons’ death.

Best Angry Male

  • Family Member Zhong Ya Ping for his on camera abuse regarding his familys disappearance on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
  • Eric VanHeers televised nail biting accusations of Malaysia Airlines staff during the Flight 17 saga.
  • Osama Abu Sharif telling western reporters Israel must pay for bombing his home in this years Israel and Palestine Gaza conflict.

Most Realistic Evening News Interviewee

  • Ruslan Levchenko (Ukranian conflict)
  • Boko Fofana (Ebola crisis)
  • Abdul Aziz Abu Bahar (Islamic State in Syria)

The guild says the full list is now available for viewing via their website. But then…they haven’t provided us with their link so their site address still remains a mystery…


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