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Who Put the White Flags on the Brooklyn Bridge?

White Flag
Mysterious white flag on Brooklyn Bridge

The story of the mysterious white flags has got The Internet all fired up.

The most likely culprits, in order from most likely to least likely:

  • CIA psyop to distract Americans while they pour cancer viruses into the drinking water and loot bank accounts prior to the takeover of the government by Mexico
  • Symbolic surrender to the Aliens
  • Russians

Who do you think it was?

We asked twitter.

No one responded. So, we did what any normal clued up truther would do.  We asked Mr. Bombastic himself, Shaggy.

Shaggy has not responded… officially.

We did some investigating and found a video online. The video features Shaggy repeatedly singing the words “It wasn’t me” but of course, it is disguised behind a music video about his friend who apparently got caught cheating on his girlfriend… it is still unknown how Shaggy managed to post this video in the year 2000. Some truthers are suggesting that Shaggy either has direct access to a time portal himself or his friends in the CIA & Illuminati lords have loaned him one.

Well played Shaggy.

Whoever it was, it wasn’t Shaggy


Comment who you think it was below.

p.s. serious suggestions only please. Anyone making stupid comments about skateboarders, prankster teenagers or PR stunts will be dealt with swiftly.

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