100,000 Bigfoot in North America Says Bigfootology Researcher


Bigfoot strolls through the park looking for left over BBQ You’ve all heard of Bigfoot but what you haven’t heard of is Bigfootology the science behind Bigfoot and guess what else? Bigfootologist’s reckon there are 100,000 of the Chewbacca looking things in North America… …pfffft-yeah right! Bigfootology is the apparent ...

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Another BP Employee Dies after Blowing Whistle


BP likely assassinates another staff member for blowing whistle A 64 year old B.P. whistle blower has died today. Police say they are confident he died of a ‘heart attack’ saying he was obese and unhealthy looking. Denny Tyler long time conspiracy theorist and Reddit user explains that the secret ...

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Science Babe Swallows 50 Homeopathic Sleeping Pills

Science Babe

Science Babe in all her glory courtesy of Science Babes Facebook page …or maybe a better way to put it would be to say watch what doesn’t happen. Homeopathy for those that don’t know is a way for people to sell magical water and sugar pills to gullible idiots without ...

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2015 Crisis Actors Guild Award Nominations Revealed

Award Still

Very Official Guild Award Press GIF Image Next years Crisis Actors Guild Awards nominations have finally been revealed. With the ceremony taking place in April 2015 the guild has just revealed the following category nominees. Best Grieving Female Naomi Waterhouse for her US radio interview regarding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 ...

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The Cocaine Conspiracy of 1929

Cocaine Cure

The Government and BIG pharma don’t want you or your children enjoying the benefits of Cocaine. Cocaine is great and the Government know’s it! Users of the plant have long reported that it’s great for concentration, energy, bodily aches and pains, an overall feeling of well being and as most ...

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ISIS Has Been Completely Fabricated By Hipsters

Bitcoin Machine

Hipsters. The true enemy. Just look at his evil calculating eyes If you’re like most regular informed readers of this great website of ours you no doubt understand the undeniable scientific fact that the Earth would be a better place without trendy smug hipsters. We can all agree that no ...

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Mad Monk Rasputin Still Alive and in Hollywood

Rrasputin Zombie

Rasputin recreates an old zombie charachter for #throwbackthursday. (Image: atomicdeadguy.com) This is one for all our history buff believers- you must know about the story of Grigori Rasputin. Known as the Mad Monk, he was a major part of early twentieth century Russian society, a priest who had a close ...

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New Information Reveals President as an Ancient Alien

Obama is Alien?

POTUS tries to communicate via mind warp with his alien siblings For years, skeptics and sheeple have been trying to debunk the facts surrounding ancient aliens and their origins and influence over society. Basically, these people claim that the ancient aliens who so clearly and without doubt have echoed through ...

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