Sinister Plan Reveals Real-Life Sheeple


Coming to a restaurant near you Up until now, it’s likely that you thought the term “sheeple” was just an amusing catch-all phrase for the uninitiated who play by the illuminati’s rules and go through life without questioning any of the “normal” things that happen to them on a daily ...

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Crystal Children Linked to Twitter

Crystal Children

An artists impression of Crystal Children Sure, you probably heard a lot about Indigo children. You know, those kids who were quiet, sensitive, and generally bucked the idea of society had planned for us? Surrounded by indigo aura, they were all the rage…last decade. We’ve found a new, all the ...

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Simple DIY Device To Protect Yourself From ‘The Man’

Tin Foil Hat

Regular readers of this website are afraid of two things. 1) Raw breast milk laws. Those bastards are trying to stop you and your babies from sucking on the bare lactating breasts of beautiful mortal females and gorging yourself on the sweet nutritious God given nectar. 2) Government sponsored MIND ...

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Why Apple Is the New Major Religion?

Apple Religion

And on the fourth day he created the Sun, the Moon and the Apple. (Photo: Apple have just released the latest incarnation of their iPhone, regular as clockwork, and very nice it is too. Naturally, the launch was accompanied by the usual media frenzy and early adopter love-in. However, ...

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These 10 Animals Are Illuminati

Sabbatic Goat Dog

TLP news reporter Becks Jones has compiled an investigative photo imaging news report on a very disturbing trend we witness too these last few years. Secret Society Pets The following images reveal pets and animals (Perhaps even insects?) aligned with secret societies such as the Illuminati, Freemasons and Crossfit. 1. ...

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BOMBSHELL EVIDENCE: Malaysia MH17 Attacked by UFO

Attacked by UFO

TLP artists rendition of what happened, more than likely Bombshell new evidence has revealed that ill fated Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 broke up mid air after being hit and punctured by a large number of ‘high-energy objects’. Despite the mainstream dinosaur media claiming it was Russian separatists we here at ...

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Could Diet Drinks Actually Be Causing Obesity?

Fat Hippo

The lettuce counts as salad right? It’s no secret that soft drink manufacturers spend huge sums of money marketing their diet sodas. Just about every advert features attractive and, above all, skinny females fawning over a young guy with a six pack and a face most normal guys want to ...

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UFO Disguised as Commercial Airliner


UFO disguised as plane shot above Qutb Minar in Delhi Amazing footage has been taken by a local resident of Delhi, India of what looks to be any normal Airplane. But is it….? 29 year old Delhi resident Murgh Makhani, says he took the image when photographing the Qutb Minar ...

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Ebola Was Fast Food Research Accident

Fast Food

Can I get a side of ‘End of The World’ with that? It has long been suspected that mankind had a hand in creating the AIDS epidemic. Some say it was engineered by the CIA to wipe out the world’s homosexuals and African Americans, others that it is actually caused ...

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