EBOLA: The End of World Virus Is Here!

Ebola Virus

Tiny String of Death known as ‘The End of The World Virus’ Wikipedia as we all know is a CIA and NSA led global misinformation operation, so instead of giving you misleading information from the Wikipedia article on Ebola, we as always are here to give you the true facts ...

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Horny Ghost Caught Masturbating to Couple Having Sex

Ghost Caught

Peeping Tom Ghost Caught Newlyweds Dan and Sandy Klinger from Beverly Hills had just returned from grocery shopping when they decided they would go upstairs for a ‘quickie’ as Sandy puts it. Half way through the 73 second ordeal at the 36.5 second mark Sandy says she noticed Dans face ...

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Who Put the White Flags on the Brooklyn Bridge?

White Flag

Mysterious white flag on Brooklyn Bridge The story of the mysterious white flags has got The Internet all fired up. The most likely culprits, in order from most likely to least likely: CIA psyop to distract Americans while they pour cancer viruses into the drinking water and loot bank accounts ...

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New World Order Struggling for World Order

NWO Struggling

NWO Struggling? The official reports are in folks. No one cares about the New World Order and it is struggling to warp the minds of young people all over the planet. Sam Kasper a global political expert and man with a solid mustache told TLP that after extensive research over ...

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Strange Lights Seen All over World, Simultaneously!

Strange Lights

Strange lights captured all over the place Strange lights have been captured all over the world in cities from Rome, Moscow, London, Sydney and Los Angeles. The lights have been described as “luminescent objects” and have been seen “hovering” or “floating” above city centres. One man described the lights as ...

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Illuminati Symbolism Coming to a Wall near YOU!

Graffitti One

Illuminati Symbols captured in street heart, truly horrific The illuminati is now targeting street youth and urban culture with their campaigns for world domination. We think. The Lizard People were recently contacted by a concerned street hipster from New York city who took the above photo on his way to ...

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Crystals, Rocks and Stones Are Trying To Tell Us Something?

Crystal Communicating

Intuitive Healer Communicates with Rocks, Says We All Need to ‘Chill Out’ Thomas Luxembourg of Vancouver Canada says that not only can he communicate with crystals, rocks and stones but that they are trying to tell us something. We interviewed Thomas, he had this to say: The Lizard People (TLP): ...

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Why Chinese Troops Are Training with Americans and Aussies

China Forces

China working with American and Australian Forces “Today America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very ...

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Crashed Malaysia Flight MH17 – Coincidence or Illuminati?

Crash Site

Russian Separatists inspect the crash scene (Image: apexchange.com) We are sad to report that a Malaysian Airlines flight has been apparently shot down above one of the disputed Ukrainian and Russian territories. Our sincere thoughts go out to the families affected. Currently the news coming out of Europe is that ...

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