KILLER PEANUTS: The Secret Government Agenda

Killer Peanuts

WARNING: Peanuts Kill and It’s Everywhere! Many people are abundantly aware of how deadly peanuts can be with several people being killed by peanut induced anaphylaxis each year. The mainstream media has beaten the drum of fear loudly and repeatedly induced horror movie like paralysis in people all over the ...

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YouTube User Re-Grows Body Parts, Just like Reptile


Filthy Shape shifting Reptoid Caught Sun Bathing SHOCKING: YouTube user “Moto Pupu” has uploaded a video of itself re-growing a damaged fingernail exactly like a reptile. See the disgusting video for yourself below. WARNING, some viewers may require medical attention. This evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt that the Reptilian agenda ...

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Google Openly Declares Earth as ‘Playground’ for Aliens

Google Aliens

Google Doodle July 9, 2014 – World Cup 2014 #59 Google’s July 9 World Cup Doodle seems fun and friendly at first with “aliens” watching from “above”, but thats only to the untrained eyes of regular citizens who prefer to mill around going to their “jobs” and never questioning the ...

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