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Whether you are religious or atheist, Christian or Islam, you need to check out these lists of world religion news with some comparative fun claims..

Mad Monk Rasputin Still Alive and in Hollywood

Rrasputin Zombie

Rasputin recreates an old zombie charachter for #throwbackthursday. (Image: atomicdeadguy.com) This is one for all our history buff believers- you must know about the story of Grigori Rasputin. Known as the Mad Monk, he was a major part of early twentieth century Russian society, a priest who had a close ...

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Why Apple Is the New Major Religion?

Apple Religion

And on the fourth day he created the Sun, the Moon and the Apple. (Photo: ipadwallpapershop.com) Apple have just released the latest incarnation of their iPhone, regular as clockwork, and very nice it is too. Naturally, the launch was accompanied by the usual media frenzy and early adopter love-in. However, ...

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