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Yes we love science and that’s how we clone our race, but you won’t find any articles or experiments here to breed lizard people because we don’t allow it!

Homeopaths Heal World With Magical Toilet Potion


Magic potion goes in here Wizards (not the cool kind) disguised as homeopaths have recently declared the world as healed. Methods used? Leuticum (Or Syph) potion of course. Made from the dust of pixie wings and unicorn horns flushed straight down the toilet bowel. Alternatively, sprinkled into the ocean. TLP ...

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Science Babe Swallows 50 Homeopathic Sleeping Pills

Science Babe

Science Babe in all her glory courtesy of Science Babes Facebook page …or maybe a better way to put it would be to say watch what doesn’t happen. Homeopathy for those that don’t know is a way for people to sell magical water and sugar pills to gullible idiots without ...

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Crystal Children Linked to Twitter

Crystal Children

An artists impression of Crystal Children Sure, you probably heard a lot about Indigo children. You know, those kids who were quiet, sensitive, and generally bucked the idea of society had planned for us? Surrounded by indigo aura, they were all the rage…last decade. We’ve found a new, all the ...

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Simple DIY Device To Protect Yourself From ‘The Man’

Tin Foil Hat

Regular readers of this website are afraid of two things. 1) Raw breast milk laws. Those bastards are trying to stop you and your babies from sucking on the bare lactating breasts of beautiful mortal females and gorging yourself on the sweet nutritious God given nectar. 2) Government sponsored MIND ...

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Could Diet Drinks Actually Be Causing Obesity?

Fat Hippo

The lettuce counts as salad right? It’s no secret that soft drink manufacturers spend huge sums of money marketing their diet sodas. Just about every advert features attractive and, above all, skinny females fawning over a young guy with a six pack and a face most normal guys want to ...

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Ebola Was Fast Food Research Accident

Fast Food

Can I get a side of ‘End of The World’ with that? It has long been suspected that mankind had a hand in creating the AIDS epidemic. Some say it was engineered by the CIA to wipe out the world’s homosexuals and African Americans, others that it is actually caused ...

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EBOLA: The End of World Virus Is Here!

Ebola Virus

Tiny String of Death known as ‘The End of The World Virus’ Wikipedia as we all know is a CIA and NSA led global misinformation operation, so instead of giving you misleading information from the Wikipedia article on Ebola, we as always are here to give you the true facts ...

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