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Yes we love science and that’s how we clone our race, but you won’t find any articles or experiments here to breed lizard people because we don’t allow it!

Crystals, Rocks and Stones Are Trying To Tell Us Something?

Crystal Communicating

Intuitive Healer Communicates with Rocks, Says We All Need to ‘Chill Out’ Thomas Luxembourg of Vancouver Canada says that not only can he communicate with crystals, rocks and stones but that they are trying to tell us something. We interviewed Thomas, he had this to say: The Lizard People (TLP): ...

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YouTube User Re-Grows Body Parts, Just like Reptile


Filthy Shape shifting Reptoid Caught Sun Bathing SHOCKING: YouTube user “Moto Pupu” has uploaded a video of itself re-growing a damaged fingernail exactly like a reptile. See the disgusting video for yourself below. WARNING, some viewers may require medical attention. This evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt that the Reptilian agenda ...

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