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Simple DIY Device To Protect Yourself From ‘The Man’

Regular readers of this website are afraid of two things.

1) Raw breast milk laws. Those bastards are trying to stop you and your babies from sucking on the bare lactating breasts of beautiful mortal females and gorging yourself on the sweet nutritious God given nectar.

2) Government sponsored MIND CONTROL. Yes, these pricks really wants to monitor and control everyone, anyone.

Lucky for you, we’re all over mind control. See below for a free public safety announcement.

Tin Foil Hat

This is a unique device that anyone can DIY using electrical conducting material as simple as a piece of foil.

There are six easy steps to follow:

1) Grab a 5 foot sheet of tin foil (preferably heavy duty).

2) Fold 4 times to produce a 1 foot square (shiney side up obviously).

3) Cut a straight line from one corner of the square to the center.

4) Make a cone shape by bending from one side of the cut under the other.

5) Place cone on your head and squash the top and sides so that it fits your head nicely (the tighter the better). Make sure you make a point on the top to increase effectiveness!

6) To ensure that you are protected we recommend securing your Tin Foil Hat ™ by liberally applying holdhouse sticky tape or duct tape.

Now guess what?

Your brainwaves are now safe from “The Man”!

So please help the human race by sharing this with the people you care about (or not…)


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