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This Guy Faked Chemtrails And Conspiratards Believed Him

Chris Bovey In Argentina Chemtrail guy AKA Chris Bovey in Argentina courtesy of VICE bruh

Chris Bovey pissed off a lot of conspiracy theorists when he faked chemtrails, lol.

So as the story goes Chris was on a flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina when his pilot decided to make an emergency landing in Sao Paulo and dumped excess fuel to lighten the load.

Chris being the bright spark that he is decided to film it then upload the footage to youtube insisting that it could have been chemtrails.

Proceeding which, truthers and tards alike all began to revel in his apparent catching of the powers that be. It all got real interesting after Chris added fuel to the fire by posting on Facebook that he had been detained by British authorities at Heathrow airport.

Chris eventually came clean on Volcania Radio hosted by Richie Allen a good buddy of Reptilian bedtime story Peddling David Icke. It was awkward and bizarre.

You can read the full VICE write up and interview with Chris HERE.

Below is the video that duped conspiratards.

And here is the radio show where Chris comes clean to Richie Allan


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