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Ebola Was Fast Food Research Accident

Fast Food

Can I get a side of ‘End of The World’ with that? It has long been suspected that mankind had a hand in creating the AIDS epidemic. Some say it was engineered by the CIA to wipe out the world’s homosexuals and African Americans, others that it is actually caused ...

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Who Put the White Flags on the Brooklyn Bridge?

White Flag

Mysterious white flag on Brooklyn Bridge The story of the mysterious white flags has got The Internet all fired up. The most likely culprits, in order from most likely to least likely: CIA psyop to distract Americans while they pour cancer viruses into the drinking water and loot bank accounts ...

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Google Openly Declares Earth as ‘Playground’ for Aliens

Google Aliens

Google Doodle July 9, 2014 – World Cup 2014 #59 Google’s July 9 World Cup Doodle seems fun and friendly at first with “aliens” watching from “above”, but thats only to the untrained eyes of regular citizens who prefer to mill around going to their “jobs” and never questioning the ...

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