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BOMBSHELL EVIDENCE: Malaysia MH17 Attacked by UFO

Attacked by UFO

TLP artists rendition of what happened, more than likely Bombshell new evidence has revealed that ill fated Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 broke up mid air after being hit and punctured by a large number of ‘high-energy objects’. Despite the mainstream dinosaur media claiming it was Russian separatists we here at ...

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New World Order Struggling for World Order

NWO Struggling

NWO Struggling? The official reports are in folks. No one cares about the New World Order and it is struggling to warp the minds of young people all over the planet. Sam Kasper a global political expert and man with a solid mustache told TLP that after extensive research over ...

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KILLER PEANUTS: The Secret Government Agenda

Killer Peanuts

WARNING: Peanuts Kill and It’s Everywhere! Many people are abundantly aware of how deadly peanuts can be with several people being killed by peanut induced anaphylaxis each year. The mainstream media has beaten the drum of fear loudly and repeatedly induced horror movie like paralysis in people all over the ...

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