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Crystal Children Linked to Twitter

Crystal Children

An artists impression of Crystal Children Sure, you probably heard a lot about Indigo children. You know, those kids who were quiet, sensitive, and generally bucked the idea of society had planned for us? Surrounded by indigo aura, they were all the rage…last decade. We’ve found a new, all the ...

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Simple DIY Device To Protect Yourself From ‘The Man’

Tin Foil Hat

Regular readers of this website are afraid of two things. 1) Raw breast milk laws. Those bastards are trying to stop you and your babies from sucking on the bare lactating breasts of beautiful mortal females and gorging yourself on the sweet nutritious God given nectar. 2) Government sponsored MIND ...

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Why Apple Is the New Major Religion?

Apple Religion

And on the fourth day he created the Sun, the Moon and the Apple. (Photo: ipadwallpapershop.com) Apple have just released the latest incarnation of their iPhone, regular as clockwork, and very nice it is too. Naturally, the launch was accompanied by the usual media frenzy and early adopter love-in. However, ...

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Google Openly Declares Earth as ‘Playground’ for Aliens

Google Aliens

Google Doodle July 9, 2014 – World Cup 2014 #59 Google’s July 9 World Cup Doodle seems fun and friendly at first with “aliens” watching from “above”, but thats only to the untrained eyes of regular citizens who prefer to mill around going to their “jobs” and never questioning the ...

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