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Homeopaths Heal World With Magical Toilet Potion


Magic potion goes in here Wizards (not the cool kind) disguised as homeopaths have recently declared the world as healed. Methods used? Leuticum (Or Syph) potion of course. Made from the dust of pixie wings and unicorn horns flushed straight down the toilet bowel. Alternatively, sprinkled into the ocean. TLP ...

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2015 Crisis Actors Guild Award Nominations Revealed

Award Still

Very Official Guild Award Press GIF Image Next years Crisis Actors Guild Awards nominations have finally been revealed. With the ceremony taking place in April 2015 the guild has just revealed the following category nominees. Best Grieving Female Naomi Waterhouse for her US radio interview regarding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 ...

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ISIS Has Been Completely Fabricated By Hipsters

Bitcoin Machine

Hipsters. The true enemy. Just look at his evil calculating eyes If you’re like most regular informed readers of this great website of ours you no doubt understand the undeniable scientific fact that the Earth would be a better place without trendy smug hipsters. We can all agree that no ...

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