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Science Babe Swallows 50 Homeopathic Sleeping Pills

Science Babe

Science Babe in all her glory courtesy of Science Babes Facebook page …or maybe a better way to put it would be to say watch what doesn’t happen. Homeopathy for those that don’t know is a way for people to sell magical water and sugar pills to gullible idiots without ...

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Crashed Malaysia Flight MH17 – Coincidence or Illuminati?

Crash Site

Russian Separatists inspect the crash scene (Image: apexchange.com) We are sad to report that a Malaysian Airlines flight has been apparently shot down above one of the disputed Ukrainian and Russian territories. Our sincere thoughts go out to the families affected. Currently the news coming out of Europe is that ...

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YouTube User Re-Grows Body Parts, Just like Reptile


Filthy Shape shifting Reptoid Caught Sun Bathing SHOCKING: YouTube user “Moto Pupu” has uploaded a video of itself re-growing a damaged fingernail exactly like a reptile. See the disgusting video for yourself below. WARNING, some viewers may require medical attention. This evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt that the Reptilian agenda ...

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